Two Workout Wearables for Fitness Fanatics

This was one of the three stories I pitched in Toronto and filmed.

This was an unusually tough edit because the gym was actually quite dark, and I pushed up my ISO too high. It became grainy when I looked at my shots again, and I used After Effects to help clean it up a bit with “Remove Grain.”

Two down, one more to go! 

Not Just a Maid: The Story of Two Domestic Helpers

This is the first big project I’ve worked on WSJ, where I had full editorial control of my content. I followed two maids in Hong Kong and how they spend their Sundays. I must say, I spend a lot of hours editing and re-editing this because while the story was there, the language barriers made it difficult for me to convey their feelings.

It took a lot of nights, and determination to finally get it right. And it’s these sort of stories that remind me why I love being a journalist in the first place. 

Protesters, Police Clash in Barricade Brawl

This took me 8-10 hours from filming, to writing, to editing, but the result was definitely worth it.

This is my first newsy package covering Occupy Hong Kong - whereas before I’ve done mostly feature pieces. 

The fact we’re into the third wheel of protests and protesters are still fighting is very much of an inspiration. When their metal barricades are taken down, they build their own. That’s creative beauty. 

Occupy Central: How It Unfolded

The last two weeks have been busy. When Occupy Central organically evolved, no one quite expected the reaction from the public when televised scenes of high school kids scaling the fence to government headquarters and getting arrested spread through the city.

The youth started a movement, and this all unraveled around me. It was an inspiration and definitely a highlight of my journalism career so far to be uncovering this event.

My colleagues got tear gassed and pepper sprayed, as I stayed behind in the office to produce and push segments out there as soon as possible.

I produced a few more colour pieces building up to China’s National Day:

Website Enables Worldwide Messages to Hong Kong Protests
Five Things You Need to Bring to Occupy Central Protests
Use of Tear Gas Spur Others to Join Occupy Central
Occupy Central: A Historic Moment in Hong Kong
Occupy Central Protesters Face Off Against the Police

Anyway, here’s my latest produced piece. This one took the longest because it’s the most informative - and getting all the facts right, matched with the correct footage probably took the longest to do. 

Can OnePlus ‘One Up’ Apple’s New iPhones?

My friend pitched me this story back in July since he knew people that worked at OnePlus and also uses this phone himself. I’ve never heard of the Android smartphone before, but after doing much research, I realized it’s quite an amazing feat to be able to use ‘indie’ marketing schemes to maintain a group of loyal fans. The phone was definitely better than the S5, and being an Apple girl - I have thoughts of switching over myself because I was so impressed with the software. 

Anyway, it took me a total of three days to work on it: one day to write the script, one day in Shenzhen to film and another day and a half to edit this together.

From now on, all our Digits videos are accompanied by some sort of blog post, so I took the unused portion from my interview with the CEO for the story. 

Myo Armband: Worth $200? -- Digits

First out of the three stories I filmed during my time back to Toronto! I reviewed the highly-anticipated Myo and learned how it works. If they develop more software and programs, I’ll definitely buy it in the future.