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Can OnePlus ‘One Up’ Apple’s New iPhones?

My friend pitched me this story back in July since he knew people that worked at OnePlus and also uses this phone himself. I’ve never heard of the Android smartphone before, but after doing much research, I realized it’s quite an amazing feat to be able to use ‘indie’ marketing schemes to maintain a group of loyal fans. The phone was definitely better than the S5, and being an Apple girl - I have thoughts of switching over myself because I was so impressed with the software. 

Anyway, it took me a total of three days to work on it: one day to write the script, one day in Shenzhen to film and another day and a half to edit this together.

From now on, all our Digits videos are accompanied by some sort of blog post, so I took the unused portion from my interview with the CEO for the story. 

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Myo Armband: Worth $200? -- Digits

First out of the three stories I filmed during my time back to Toronto! I reviewed the highly-anticipated Myo and learned how it works. If they develop more software and programs, I’ll definitely buy it in the future. 

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Three World Cup Apps You Need to Download

I’ve been working on a lot more Digits than the last few months and this one was a really quick turnaround to correlate with World Cup right now. I wrote the script on Monday night, filmed and edited it all in one day on Tuesday and put the finishing touches this morning. 

Hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed kicking around with a soccer ball that I bought just to film this! 

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A High-Tech Headband to Help Manage Stress

This is the second out of the third segment I recorded out of Toronto. They initially had an option where you can use the Muse headband to control pouring a beer tap but apparently it wasn’t working when I got there.

Anyway it was pretty cool to see my brainwaves move! 

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Hong Kong Marks Tiananmen 25th Anniversary

Pulled an all-nighter to get this story out. I shot and edited this piece. Learned a lot from covering the Tiananmen vigil for the first time as a journalist, but all in all, it was definitely an experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

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Forget Silicon Valley, Here Comes Toronto!

Time to give my hometown a global shoutout (without Rob Ford) as I talked to HackerNest’s Shaharris Beh on what we should look out for in the Toronto tech scene. 

This is the first time I decided to shoot while visiting home, rented equipment and shot myself with my personal DSLR. I was freezing cold doing my standup - but I think it turned out alright :)

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