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Three World Cup Apps You Need to Download

I’ve been working on a lot more Digits than the last few months and this one was a really quick turnaround to correlate with World Cup right now. I wrote the script on Monday night, filmed and edited it all in one day on Tuesday and put the finishing touches this morning. 

Hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed kicking around with a soccer ball that I bought just to film this! 

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A High-Tech Headband to Help Manage Stress

This is the second out of the third segment I recorded out of Toronto. They initially had an option where you can use the Muse headband to control pouring a beer tap but apparently it wasn’t working when I got there.

Anyway it was pretty cool to see my brainwaves move! 

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Hong Kong Marks Tiananmen 25th Anniversary

Pulled an all-nighter to get this story out. I shot and edited this piece. Learned a lot from covering the Tiananmen vigil for the first time as a journalist, but all in all, it was definitely an experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

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Forget Silicon Valley, Here Comes Toronto!

Time to give my hometown a global shoutout (without Rob Ford) as I talked to HackerNest’s Shaharris Beh on what we should look out for in the Toronto tech scene. 

This is the first time I decided to shoot while visiting home, rented equipment and shot myself with my personal DSLR. I was freezing cold doing my standup - but I think it turned out alright :)

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World's First Tiananmen Square Museum Opens

This story took a total of 8 hours to film, write the script and edit. I’ve yet to work on any stories on June 4th since I’ve moved to Hong Kong so I am quite happy to report on the topic. I’ll be back in the field on Wednesday when my colleague and I covers the 25th anniversary. 

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Digits: Will a Smart Basketball Score You Points?

I haven’t worked on Digits in a few months, but this week, I produced the smart basketball segment and edited the drone delivery interview with Matternet.


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